Clairemont Hills, San Diego
Serving the Children of the World

A regular board meeting was held at the Boys and Girls Club on January 16, 2018.  In attendance were: Lynn Mitchell, Allan Peck and Mike Snyder. 


Ernie Navarro and the Movie Nights are partially sponsored by the Kiwanis.  A future announcement will list the movies, schools and dates.


The Clairemont Kiwanis has a bench at Mission Bay with plaques paying tribute to members who have significantly contributed to the Clairemont Kiwanis.  Several spaces for plaques remain.  Allen is developing the format for the remaining plaques.  The board decided that we would have separate plaques for Ray, Bill, and Dick Johnson.  Another plaque for the former Lt. Governors (Curley, Doug and Allan), and finally one large plaque that would recognize all past and present members in general with a list of those currently part of the club.  Lynn and Allan will install the plaques.


There was no treasurers report as Lynn is out of town for a month.  When he returns one of his responsibility will be to developing funding for the plaques.